Elderday Center Volunteers


Elderday Center works hard to keep our costs low for our members and we rely on the help of our community.
If you would like to volunteer for any of the opportunities below, please call us at
630-761-9750 to learn more. 

Entertainer:  Do you play a musical instrument, sing, dance, or tell jokes or stories?  Our clients love entertainment and will show their appreciation for your time and talents.  We are open to single performances or a regular commitment.  Group performances are always welcome.


Teacher:  If you know how to do something and would enjoy teaching others, our elders would love to learn.  Whether it’s a craft idea, a hobby, or sharing mementos or slides of a special trip, our program can benefit from your knowledge.


Activities:  Volunteer to come in for a few hours and spend time socializing with our participants or come in and lead an activity of your choosing (share a favorite hobby, lead an art/craft program, play the piano, talk about heritage or travel, etc.)


Activity Helper:  Would you be more comfortable assisting rather than leading a program?  Volunteer activity aides do a variety of things from setting pins for our bowling games to calling bingo and serving lunch and snacks.  This volunteer effort would be held between the hours of 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.


Group Activities:  If your group is looking for a community service opportunity, Elderday offers a number of possibilities including painting, cleaning, or other activities of this type.


Office Volunteer:  Every so often we need help with a big mailing (stuffing envelopes, addressing, putting labels on, etc.) or need help with a special project.


Special Events Volunteer: Elderday has two big fundraisers a year – our Fashion Show in April and our Mum Sale in September.  We need help organizing, running errands, making up baskets for our fashion show event, delivering mums to local organizations etc.  Our fundraisers are important in raising funds for the program.  This position can be done during non-work hours.


Advisory Boards:  Elderday is currently creating a President Advisory Board to help serve as a resource to the board regarding resource development, community outreach, and marketing.  We are looking for professionals with a passion to help Elderday fulfill its mission.  This board will begin in mid- 2018 and we plan on meeting quarterly as we begin building this important resource. We will try to hold these meetings early in the morning or after hours so as to not interfere with work.


Board Member:  We are always looking for interested, involved members of the communities we serve to become board members.  We have a working board that takes responsibility for our fundraising efforts, setting the direction for our programs, promoting our agency in the community, and governing the agency.


No time.  Perhaps you are interested in helping Elderday in some way but just don’t have the hours available.  For those folks, we offer our wish list - a list of items that help to enhance our programming or make our center more comfortable.  Donations may also be made for special programming (e.g. paid entertainers, field trips, etc.).




Thank you for your interest in Elderday Center. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss other opportunities, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].