Welcome To Elderday Center

Elderday Center is now accepting new members at both locations:

Elderday Center-Central*Batavia, IL

Elderday Center-North*Elgin, IL

Our program is open Monday-Friday.

Call us at 630-761-9750 for more information or to schedule a tour. 

Elderday Center is proud of its 30-year history of providing valuable adult day care services for the members and their family caregivers.

When you’re at Elderday Center – You’re with family 

Elderday Center specializes in day memory care to enhance the quality of life, cognition, socialization, and overall wellness for adults and seniors.

Our Program uses an abundance of therapeutic activities to help participants retain a sense of independence and enjoy life.

Many participants suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body dementia, Huntington's Disease, cognitive impairments, and other age-related diseases. Additionally, those suffering from fragility, loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression have been shown to benefit tremendously from our services. 

Elderday Center strives to help senior participants stay in safe home environments for as long as possible and in the communities they love.

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Thank You Pearls Around The World 

  • Akoya Event Sponsor: John McNeely Memory Café Fox Valley
  • South American Continent Sponsor: Friend of Elderday Center
  • Wine Tasting Sponsor: Impact Business Coaching
  • Entertainment Sponsor: Batavia Women of the Moose
  • EDC Cookbook Sponsor: Carol Tanquary
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Thank You Pearls Around The World 
Participating Restaurants

  • Briana’s Pancake House
  • Borikén Restaurant
  • Daddio’s Diner
  • Gammon Coach House
  • Harner's Bakery
  • Lodi Tap House
  • North Island Catering
  • Pal Joey’s
  • Ron Onesti & The Arcada Theatre
  • Trader Joe’s

Thank You Pearls Around The World 

  • Mark Demmin II
  • Ryan Drendel
  • Emma Lee

Thank You Pearls Around The World